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Measured Surveys

All good projects start with an accurate set of existing plans. 

We Geo-reference all of our Measured Surveys, so they are always set to Ordinance Datum grid-reference and level. 

As a minimum, our set of Measured Survey drawings are always provided in PDF and AutoCAD (DWG) file formats. We are however, providing more and more Revit plans too. 

Still not sure what you need? Then give us a call and we can happily talk you through your options. 

Floor Plans

Floor Plans are generally provided at 1:50 or 1:100 scale depending on hte size but we can produce a slightly higher level of detail if required at 1:20.

Your specification may vary depending on the project requirements but this again is tailored to what it is that you need. We can keep things simple or really go to town on the detail!

Survey Dimensions, Mill, Dorset, Isometric, Floor Plan, Examp 1.PNG


Our high quality Elevations provide the perfect existing drawings for any new extension or alteration for a Planning Application. 

Survey Dimensions, House, Survey, Ashburton, Elevation Examp 1.png


Working off of point-cloud data we can take a slice of the building at any point that is most relevant to what you need. 

Survey Dimensions, Mill, Dorset, Isometric, Section Plan, Examp 1.PNG

Reflected Ceiling Plans

Things are looking up... well our ceiling plans are any way. 

Certain building have particularly complicated roof and ceiling structures. We can help by providing a set of reflected ceiling plans showing the timber, steel work and any necessary services. 

Survey Dimensions, Mill, Dorset, Isometric, Reflected Ceiling Plan, Examp 2.PNG
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